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Welcome to San Miguel Rentals. We are a boutique rental company, founded in 1985. We are the first local bilingual San Miguel business using the internet to exclusively deal in vacation home rentals.  Judy Arnold, our American born founder, pioneered using the internet to reach potential visitors.  She began this at a time when the only way to connect to the internet was to use a telephone for “dial-up” service that cost $1 per minute!   Fast forward to today, and by simply turning on a computer, we find each other and in a few brief exchanges can match you up with your ideal vacation home.
Times may have changed, but our San Miguel Rentals' personal service remains the same –listening carefully to your needs and wants, we make sure your stay in this beautiful landmark city is everything you’ve hoped for!  
San Miguel today retains the old world charm of yesterday with its narrow winding cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, vine-covered walls and flowering gardens. Designated an international historic landmark city, the city offers a year round spring-like climate and a culture that is replete with exciting and charming pageantry including colorful parades, fireworks displays, music, entertainment and live performance.  In addition to the many art galleries dotted around the city, San Miguel invites you to explore the local handcrafts of our native artisans – and offers classes in all the arts, from papermaking to oil painting, watercolors to sculpture, in addition to a dozen or more language schools.  Our city is known for its cuisine – whether you want to explore its savory food stalls or dine in country-style bistros or  sophisticated cosmopolitan restaurants, there are a hundred or more venues to suit every taste. 
We look forward to answering your questions as we welcome you to San Miguel and do all that we can to make sure your stay is the perfect visit! 

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